Spring Forward for Growth

With each new spring, we see renewal and growth all around us.  Why not use this time to also focus on your own renewal and growth? 

Perhaps you feel you are in a rut and would like to make some changes.  How do you start?  Where do you start?  First, identify what areas of your life are creating the most discord.  Is it family life or professional life?  Ask yourself what is driving the discontent.  For example, you may feel you have plateaued in your professional life and you would like to make a move up to the next step.  There are several steps you can take to move forward in that journey.

  • Check with your supervisor and let them know you are interested in growth opportunities.  They may have some stretch assignments that will give you experience and exposure to new people and skills.
  • Check with your HR department and see if they have access to self-assessment tools that will help you identify skill and interest areas for improvement and pursuit.
  • Check with a trusted advisor or mentor to discuss where you are and where you would like to see yourself in five years. 

After checking with the above parties, create your plan for growth.  (See blogpost Planning Your Professional Growth, May 17, 2017.)  This process can work for both your professional and personal life.  It is never too late to reach for your goals.

  • MAH

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