Strategic Planning During COVID-19

I hope you are holding up during this unusual time of COVID-19.  The impact is being felt across the board both personally and professionally by everyone.  First and foremost, be safe and well.

Secondly, how can this time of reduced workload and business demand be parlayed into a positive?  If your organization’s work demand has decreased, consider using this time to engage your staff in strategic planning efforts.  The benefits include keeping your staff engaged and active, and positioning your organization for a quicker start when this unusual situation finally resolves. 

Some key questions to consider:

  • What have we learned so far about the impact on our specific line of business with an unusual interruption?
    • Do we have a workable emergency operations plan?
  • How can the workforce be better protected if this type of interruption happens again?
    • Do we need to incorporate more remote/virtual work options?
    • How are employee benefits and needs impacted?
  • Can and/or should we modify our business model and/or offerings to:
    • provide service during this specific emergent situation, and
    • position us going forward with modified service offerings?

It will take a while – if ever – for business to “get back to normal” after this current situation abates.  Let’s take this time to reflect and ensure we are taking care of ourselves, our employees, our customers as best we can.  Also, we can use this time to reflect on lessons learned and how to evolve our business going forward.

Please stay safe and be well.